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Bay of Islands Testimonials

Joyce Inglis,

I was on your cruise in Feb. to the Bay of Islands. First holiday I had taken on my own since losing my husband.I had been back to the U.K. twice but stayed with family and friends, so was very nervous about meeting a lot of strangers.How silly was that.!!!There was an amazing friendly crowd on board, especially after one of the chefs superb meals and a few glasses of wine.!!!

The crew were so friendly, kind and helpful, and couldn't be faulted.Of course having the captain called Inglis was an added bonus. What a good omen. I have lent my brochure to so many of my friends with my recommendation for a stunning holiday, in a wonderful location.

My best regards to all on board, and to you for making such a good holiday possible.

Sue Brendan, Australia,

We had the most wonderful time on the February 2 tour of the Bay of Islands. Its nearly impossible to say how much we enjoyed it, and how thrilled we were with the ship, the crew, the itinerary, the food, everything was absolutely marvellous.

I particularly enjoyed the attentions of the staff, all of whom were delightful. Their impressive marine and hospitality qualifications aside, we felt pampered and supported by their enthusiasm, impeccable manners, and attention to every detail which contributed to our stay. We felt that whatever we could possibly want would be available if only we asked.

The little things are probably simple enough, but they were lovely; knowing everyone's names immediately, remembering how we liked our tea and coffee, the prompt bed making while we were at breakfast, and the beautiful evening turning down of the bed with its fresh linen, with the light shining on the pillow, just the way I would do it myself, I appreciated it so much.

The table settings and immaculate cutlery, the little found items at lunch time, whether inside or out, all appreciated and enjoyed. You have chosen lovely young people as staff and they are your greatest asset. We enjoyed the ever cheerful interaction with us and each other. Emma (and Erika when she was on deck) looked after us with smiles and attention at our slightest whim.

Tahoe quickly arranged an opportunity for us who had shown an interest in weaving, but missed Tom's demo, to visit his cousin's wife who showed us how to do it in her own home ; a lovely experience one showery afternoon at Russell. Georgina took our wet clothes and dried them in the engine room on our return. Jennifer gathered the most delicious green mussels I have ever eaten, and the chefs continually produced fabulous food, using fish we had caught one day.

So Peter, I think I've given you and idea of what a lovely time we had. Social interaction with an interesting group of passengers went very well, and as always you find some people you really like , and others with whom six days was just right. I nearly forgot to say I loved the way that when the tender got us to the beach, there were the kayaks, the towels, the sun screen, the snorkels, water to drink and a bit of a snack, and Tom discreetly there when you went for a wander....Safety was always a consideration, water wise. And what about that helicopter flight! Superb.

Many many thanks. I am a great advocate for your holidays, have told my friends all about them. One thing, I unfortunately found myself with one of the tiles from your Scrabble set. I had taken my own as well and didn't check when picking a piece up from the floor . It's an E . As a keen player I think it should be returned, so can you let me have an appropriate address asap.

Peter and Patricia, UK,

Tricia and I would like to once again say how much we enjoyed the recent cruise in the Bay of Islands. We were especially impressed with the attention to safety which I observed was a key feature at all times.

Tricia and I are used to much more vigorous action but the more passive activities that were provided made for pleasant relaxation and were most enjoyable.The food was glorious and we are both home now and trying to shed the few extra kilos gained on the cruise.

The genuine humor on board from the captain right through to the chefs in the galley made for lots of laughter and joyous moments and I could see that it was always coming from the right place and very real.

Shore tours and history from Luci gave us knowledge of NZ culture and were most enlightening.

I could go on and on but I think you can see we had a great time on the cruise. We will do another cruise with you maybe next year and will bring some of our friends with us.

Thanks again for the fabulous cruise and may all your guests be pleasant [and not activate the life jackets as I did].

Maggie, NSW, Australia,

Just to let you know we all had a FANTASTIC time, the ship was wonderful, the crew absolutely, unbelievably helpful and accommodating, nothing was too much trouble for them and the food was beautiful, cooked to world class standards and worthy of a "3 Hat Restaurant" rating. Needless to say we all are keen to do another cruise so I am sure you will be hearing from us again. Having the boat to ourselves was an added bonus and we really appreciated your suggesting to other people that they might like to change dates! It will be hard to return to our daily routine and fending for ourselves.


Just as wonderful 2nd time round. May even overcome fear of flying just to get to the Vanuatu cruises. Everything and everyone just perfect. Adrian. Australia.


Pam and Terry, Brisbane,

This cruise is amazing. The staff are fabulous, the meals are devine and the boat is just beautiful. We have booked again for Vanuatu in 2013. Cant wait. Pam and Terry,  Brisbane

Mike, Perth,

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your team’s hospitality and professional attitude during our trip last week. The Island Passage is without doubt the most well appointed and luxurious vessel we have used.  As far as the meals and service goes well where would I start, just amazing.  Mike, Perth WA

Susan and Harry Barnes,

Wow. We had a great time. We expected a nice cruise after doing our research but this was 10 times better. We will come to Vanuatu next year. 


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